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boxkite - http://boxkite.ca/ - Ottawa, Canada - Full Time, non-remote

We work in Open Data. We make data cataloging software for governments. Looking for people enthusiastic about advancing government transparency, enabling civic-minded technology, and in general making public sector software that doesn't suck. If you're Canadian but organizations like Code for America appeal to you, give us a shout.

Most of our work is Open Source.

Two positions:

- Python developer. Web dev skills are a must; great Unix skills and knowledge of Docker are a huge bonus; Data Science skills are nice to have. Not expecting any one candidate to have all of these skills, but you should excel in at least one of the mentioned.

- Designer, web. Bonus if interested being a part of growing the business and taking the lead on creative efforts, helping us establish our branding and marketing.

All ethnicities and genders are strongly encouraged to apply.

Good salary (in Canadian terms) and meaningful equity.

See http://boxkite.ca/careers/ or email contact@boxkite.ca

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