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Tokyo, Japan || Full Stack Engineer || [REMOTE is a possibility]

We are a pre-release startup based and are looking for full-stack engineers that are interested in Go (golang) and Bitcoin. We ambitiously aim to bring Bitcoin to the general public in Japan, and although there has been bad press about Bitcoin, we believe we can make an impact in improving the lives of users of our (soon to be released) service. We strongly believe in testing, continuous integration and code reviews, so you will love the benefits of having well tested code in production and being able to learn (and teach) others from critiquing each others' code. As a startup, we are focused on shipping our product, so you would be expected to be reliable and able to self-manage your own time.

You will be our 2nd engineer hire and work directly with the CTO in getting the service ready for release by early Summer. This will entail helping with the architecture of systems, coding the backend systems, writing client side JS, setting up servers, and keeping everything running.

Our current stack looks like this: Golang, Beanstalkd, PostgreSQL, Salt Stack, Knockout.js, Durandal, Bootstrap


    - Comfortable with SQL
    - Familiarity with Linux and the command line
    - Basic knowledge of Bitcoin
    - Experience with AWS EC2
    - Strong communication skills and working as a reliable team player with a remote team
    - Fluency in either Japanese or English (both are a plus)
Bonus Skills: - Go and other parts of our stack - Startup experience - Experience using JSON-RPC interface of bitcoin client

Please send your cover letter and resume/github repos to golanghn@fastmail.com

Why a repost, word for word, of a post I added one year ago (although changing the email address)?


I was quite intrigued by this position, but if it's a repost of yours I'm probably as confused as you are about what is going on.

Did you stop pursuing that venture? E.g. it's someone you worked/were going to work with?

Certainly makes me less excited about replying to the repost.

I have no idea why this is here. There is no CTO anymore (I left) and there are more than 2 engineers.

I highly doubt this is legit, but I am curious why there is a copy & paste (word for word) of a one year old job post.

Perhaps you can email and tell me your results (my email is in my profile).

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