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Pirate3D (Singapore) − Part time, REMOTE. Embedded, C++, Andoid, iOS, Mac & Windows native. Later VISA sponsorship to Singapore possible.

Our main product is the Buccaneer, a 3D printer designed to be affordable, sleek and user-friendly. We are currently ongoing a partial rewrite of our entire software stack −from native apps all the way down to the firmware−, and are looking to expand our −currently 5 programmers strong− software team, to help in this endeavor.

You will join our team over on GitHub, Slack and Google Hangout, and will be given the choice over which project you want to contribute to. Projects include the firmware −to control motors and sensors−, the backend −to give the printer intelligence and behavior−, the protocol −to interface between printer and smartphone over WiFi−, and the native-apps −for users to communicate with the printer. Firmware, backend and protocol are written in C++, while the native-apps are in the platforms' respective languages.

We will send you a printer to experiment with if it works out after a week or two.

If interested, send an email with your achievements and aspirations to Kai at contact@kaielvin.org

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