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Zillow - Software Development Engineer - Irvine, CA

Be part of a world class team at Zillow in our beautiful Irvine office. You will create new & exciting Saas products on the Diverse Solutions Team with your awesome full-stack coding experience. These powerful products empower Real Estate professionals to establish and grow successful businesses. We are developing our next flagship products using node.js, so having a solid JavaScript understanding is required. However, we are also diversified in our technology choices based on the work that’s given to us. For these reasons, what’s more important for us than being a master in one technology is the willingness and ability to learn. Even better if you actually enjoy doing that!

Technologies we are working with.

- Node.js

- React.js

- Docker

- Elastic Search

Job Posting here -> http://www.zillow.com/jobs/openings?j=ockB0fwR

All of our job openings here -> http://www.zillow.com/jobs/openings

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