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Apiary (http://apiary.io) - FULL TIME - San Fransisco, CA or Prague, Czech Republic

TECHNOLOGY: Node.js, Backbone, Coffeescript

Visit https://apiary.io/company#jobs for more details on the jobs.


Fullstack Developer (Core Application Team)


As a member of the Application team, you are going to be responsible for crafting, delivering and maintaining the main apiary.io application (including the Apiary for Teams feature set).

In this vertical team, you are going to collaborate with your fellow team members on providing the best tooling and platform for designing, developing, and maintaining APIs worldwide.

Building great APIs is all about effective collaboration, be the one building the tools (teams, managing a team, user roles, access control, ...).

You'll be developing one of the most-used API Documentation worldwide. Documentation including interactive Console, documentation that has to run smoothly on mobile and touch-based devices, has to support plenty of customization options, and on top of that has to be super fast.

Don't forget about Mock Server and Debugging Proxy. Mock Server is all about speed and pairing responses defined in an API blueprint (choosing what response is the best fit). Debugging Proxy is a tough one. (...). Don't leave out payments (trials, subscriptions, ...).

You'll be responsible for the most visible part of our product suite that defines how Apiary is perceived.

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