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BoomTown | Atlanta, GA | Lead iOS engineer

We’re BoomTown: a successful web real estate CRM platform that is building its mobile experience from scratch. We are looking for a lead for a team working in Swift, using ReactiveCocoa and all the latest APIs to create outstanding mobile apps.

The design team is taking the time to perfect the user experience and is providing us with carefully crafted designs — it’ll be up to you to lead the team that implements them with the best solutions available. Is it AsyncDisplayKit? The Pop animation framework? Is it your own hand-rolled solution? Up to you. If we bring you on, it’s because we trust you to make the decisions. And of course, you’ll be interacting with the product manager and designers to shape the applications themselves.

We offer full benefits, and a location in Atlanta, the metropolis of the South. Find us at:

Company site: http://www.boomtownroi.com

Job posting: http://hire.jobvite.com/CompanyJobs/Careers.aspx?c=q81aVfwY&...

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