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QA Automation Engineer at Chegg, Santa Clara, CA. (full-time)

Ever faced hiring bias because you're a woman or from a minority group or have a non-traditional educational background?

Now, you'll be judged for your real talent and not your background.

Chegg invites engineers with unconventional backgrounds for the role of a QA engineer on their team.

What you’ll do on our team:

-You’ll be creating automated tests for our highly scalable and fault tolerant Java based systems. We deal with financial transactions, so mistakes are literally costly.

-We highly value test driven development. We’re not a TDD team… yet. You will participate in improving our team to reach TDD nirvana.

-Understand the business problems being solved and understand how to evaluate our software that solves those problems.

-Create tests that maximize the value to our business (reduce risk the most for the least investment in effort).

-Clearly communicate actionable insight to those that can resolve the problems you identify.

Application Details:

We are committed to having a meritocratic, transparent and bias-free selection process that is inclusive to all applicants.

To apply please email your interest to chegg@gapjumpers.me

or please take our blind audition challenge at https://www.gapjumpers.me/questions/chegg/qs-214

GapJumpers sucks. It won’t let me take the audition without getting a LinkedIn account and connecting it to GapJumpers.

Maybe you should try switching to TrueAbility.

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