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Chattanooga, TN Full time - on site


Bellhops has been exploding in popularity because we’re solving a problem that every American has had: moving. We’ve decided to attack this industry that hasn’t seen innovation since Henry Hohnsbeen invented the clipboard. We’re changing that by building a great organization of problem solvers who are at the top of their game. We're a hard working team that has a great time together. Join us at our Chattanooga, TN Headquarters. The city is home to the first municipal gigabit network in the nation, and was described by Outside Magazine as the best outdoor city in the country.

Tech - -Python/Django Developer -DevOps Engineer -Sr. Front End Developer -Mobile Developer (iOS and/or Android)

Marketing- Communications Specialists - a results and communications-based marketing position to roll out campaigns Copywriter - who writes copy that moves our customers, and converts

Contact: careers@getbellhops.com

Apply at https://getbellhops.com/careers/ and angel.co

Applications are open for YC Summer 2021

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