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# Caremondo (Munich, Germany) ## Full-stack web developer

We are a young ambitious healthcare startup that aims to make the healthcare market simpler and more open, and to empower people worldwide to better manage their health.

## Role Responsibilities: - Rapidly design, build and maintain robust and scalable web applications with strong security in mind - Participate in new product design, application stack decisions, wire-framing and scaling requirements - Write and maintain tests to improve software quality - Automate recurring tasks, help us simplify operations - Optimize and expand continuous deployment on cloud servers.

## Required skills: - Development experience in Python and Django/Flask, or extensive experience with other stacks, e.g. PHP/Grails/ROR. Bonus if you have (Postgre/My)SQL experience - Knowledge of server management (deployment, monitoring, optimizing, etc.) a plus - Good sense for design, usability and user experience - Independent and reliable takeover of projects and tasks - BS/MS in Computer Science or equivalent experience

Since we are a multi-national team no German skills are required. But we'll help you learn if you want to!

## We offer: - Work in a small, autonomous team with high degree of creative freedom - Competitive salary - 26 vacation days plus 13 Bavarian holidays

Please send your application to: danial.taherzadeh/at/caremondo.com

ps. interns/students are also welcome to apply.

In Munich, 30 days of vacation is meanwhile already quite normal. Why do you offer 26 only?

Wait, there are places in the world that get more than two weeks of vacation?! :)

Four weeks during summer, one week for Easter, two more weeks for Christmas and new year. This should be norm.

hey do you sponsor visa

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