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CPAP.com, Stafford, TX (SW Houston): FULL TIME LAMP Web Developer

Why work with CPAP.com? We help people breathe. We are profitable and growing. But mostly, for our teams and day to day project enjoyment.

Drive projects relating to code organization and coder happiness

* Code Refactor and re-org (OOP, REST)

* Source control and ease of code push integration tools (Git)

* Sniffer and code styles/standards enforcement (Jenkins)

Our toolset and areas of interest:

PHP, MySQL, Angular, Meteor, Knockout, Geo/Gis/Mapping, Queue software like RabbitMQ or real time db like firebase, Metrics data design metrics boards like Dashing

Benefits: http://bit.ly/1lAbxkP

Apply: github/resume to johnny.goodman@cpap.com

Questions: johnnywgoodman on skype or 832-413-2462. No need to schedule, your call is welcome anytime.

PS. Full Job Desc As A Google Doc: http://bit.ly/1HiR4da

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