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Scry Analytics - Raleigh, NC

Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence Engineer (Java/R/Python)

Scry Analytics, Inc. is building several Big Data Science solutions related to specific problems and is looking to hire a Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence Engineer with the following qualifications:

Desired Qualifications:

* Preferably Masters in Computer Science, Statistics, Applied Math, Physics, Engineering or other quantitative field, or a Bachelors with a minimum of two years experience developing big data products.

* Thorough knowledge and experience in machine learning, support vector machines, classification and clustering techniques, Bayesian and nearest neighbor networks.

* Possesses strong combination of theoretical knowledge and hands-on experience in statistical and computer science techniques.

* Experience with Java and either Python or R.

* Highly motivated with the ability to work on multiple projects

* Team player with an entrepreneurial spirit and strong communication and collaboration skills

* Familiar with scripting and command-line operations

Good to have:

* Experience analyzing very large datasets.

* Experience with natural language processing techniques and text analytics.

* Experience with parallel, distributed, and high-performance computing.

About Scry Analytics:

Scry Analytics (www.scryanalytics.com) provides Big Data Science solutions to do predictive and prescriptive analytics (i.e., to "forecast the future") and our aim is to:

* Codify work-flows in the services industries so that they are well-defined & repeatable.

* Collate and harmonize client's data that is required for such work-flow systems.

* Provide Scry Analytics' proprietary data that improves the key performance indicators and the characteristics of such work-flow systems.

* Use our proprietary Big Data Science platform as well as deep Computer Science & Math algorithms to build decision support systems that improve the metrics related to these work-flows.

Although Scry Analytics provides analytics and Big Data Science services, our aim is to minimize these services by providing automation and software solutions (where we can). We are currently solving problems in the following domains:

* Retail

* Banking and Insurance

* Inventory & Transportation of After Market Parts; Maintenance

* Utilities and Telecom

* Health care

Since most techniques that Scry Analytics is using are taken from cutting-edge research, the kind of solutions that Scry Analytics is building are unlikely to be built by companies that provide data analysts in a staff augmentation mode or those that provide IT professionals. So, we are looking for Bachelors, Masters, and PhDs in computer science, data analytics or math that have a "research" or "advanced development" bent.

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