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Pipemetrics - Lausanne, Switzerland - Local only

Senior developer, C / C++ / Windows

Looking for experienced developers to help expanding our existing product into a suite of complimentary products and services (https://bvckup2.com).

Basic requirements - Solid C/C++ with a focus on producing lean and efficient code; considertable experience developing and shipping software for the Windows platform.

Good to have - Knowing one's way around Linux, both the development toolchain and the shell; PHP, JS, SQL; people skills for communicating with users.

Nice to have - Embedded and kernel development experience.

Ideally, you should be reasonably comfortable with all elements of a system that allows controlling a Windows app through an externally hosted web interface - from Windows, through the network to the PHP/SQL backend to the HTML/JS web frontend.

The company is built around the notion of "doing one simple thing, but doing it really well." This doesn't mean creating simplistic software, but rather having a single primary function that captures one specific user need and then providing a host of supporting features to make things simple and convenient. This is a fairly alien approach on Windows where the software still tends to compete on the length of the feature list first and foremost. However, the good news is that there is a substantial demand for simpler, but better-made software. This is what we do.

Prior to founding Pipemetrics, I was the principal person behind Hamachi VPN service (http://swapped.cc/hamachi).

Get in touch - hello-at-pipemetrics.com / alex-at-pipemetrics.com

Additionally, we are considering adding a couple of summer internship positions for EPFL students. If you are at EPFL and the above looks interesting enough, drop me a line.

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