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So, as a fellow hobbyist with 12 free dynos running on Heroku with custom domains, I clearly don't want to pay $84 a month for apps that aren't meant to generate revenue.

It is a sad day.

Where are you moving your side projects?

EDIT: I'm asking since I have no idea where I should go next. Heroku was a blessing.

I'm not sure what you're doing exactly but I'm a member of hcoop and highly recommend joining. It kind of depends on what your use case is though. I'm not vary familiar with heroku so not sure what a dyno is.


Ex-hcooper here! My late friend "Nion" introduced me.

I had a good experience there, but it's a lot different from Heroku. There's no paid support or anything.

Note, these are not the final prices. Its only part of private beta or AB testing of possible prices.

Also the cost of your existing dynos may not change if they grandfather and not change running dynos' prices. Who knows until they actually announce any price changes.

Definitely recommend DO, never had any real problems and takes all of 3 minutes

Perhaps get a VM from DO/AWS/etc and setup something like dokku - https://github.com/progrium/dokku

Digital Ocean has a $5/month tier that has worked great for me.

That plus Dokku could make for a nice Heroku clone/replacement. Was a bit buggy when I tried it a year ago, but the main dev has been sponsored by Deis to support the project for about a day a week now, so I'm guessing it's still going strong.

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