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Notes on my full-time testing of 7 Dropbox alternatives (vxlabs.com)
26 points by cpbotha on Mar 30, 2015 | hide | past | web | favorite | 5 comments

Does unison still have the problem that it refuses to work unless the exact same version of the program is installed on every computer? Also, I've found it extremely hard to install on linux boxes where I do not have root access.

Yes, unison does require that you have matching versions on both ends of the synchronisation.

Fortunately, installing unison can be done quite easily without root access. On my synology, I simply downloaded the arch linux arm packages and extracted the 2.48.3 binaries from there. Because the packages in Ubuntu 14.04 are outdated, I extracted the binaries from the arm linux x86_64 packages for my laptops. For MacOS, there are downloadable 2.48 binaries that also work out of the box.

That's good to know. Still, I think it would be much saner if Unison was self-compatible at least within the same major-version. It's an excellent program, beyond the tricky details of setting it up on all your systems.

I've been using cyphertite after giving up on SpiderOak. It's been nice so far.

cyphertite looks more like a backup solution than a syncing solution. Does it also do syncing?

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