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I also built a tutorial around the same idea a few weeks ago, with a similar domain name, but aimed more at complete beginners than this site. My target audience would be graphic designers who want to get into web design, but don't have a clue where to start.

I stopped after writing one article because I didn't get much interest, but then I didn't put much work into publicising it either. If people found it useful I'd certainly like to keep adding to it until it explains how to go from never having programmed to building a website which can take payments.

You can find it at http://makethispage.com/chapter-1.html

I am one of the worst people to give advice on "finishing" but you should definitely go on with this, it's a very good idea that can expand beyond your limited target audience (= just graphic designers). The web is full of "general" purpose tutorials for html, css, js, etc and this "general purpose" becomes "no purpose" in the end. If I am this random person that wants to learn how to make a website, I don't really care about learning all the details of the particular tools at this point, I care mostly about building what I want and "deploying". Then, maybe, I'd like to make it better, prettier, faster, etc etc. Your guide seems to attack this.

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