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> You wrote specific words (I've quoted them) that denote things that I know to be false.

You admitted both the influence on you of CoffeeScript (e.g. fat arrow) and also that the Dart SIMD standard guy did the ES7 SIMD standard. Thus at minimum both CoffeeScript and Dart have influenced directly what has ended up in future versions of JavaScript via the JavaScript standards people. So that original claim of mine is true at minimum, only the qualification of the influence being significant/large is at question.

Near equivalent features to those of Dart and CoffeeScript are rapidly being added to future JavaScript, including fat arrow, typing, classes, SIMD, Futures, async/await, etc. Whether or not these features are directly based on Dart or not doesn't change the fact that it is happening. So that original claim of mine is also true.

E.g.: https://robots.thoughtbot.com/replace-coffeescript-with-es6

The intensity of this argument about an admittedly overly vague hacker news comment is surreal.

While I respect your work highly, benefit from it significantly, and it wasn't my intention to diminish your contributions or effort or anything else, I can not continue this.

Your original claims, plural, included "typing" which cited ES7 TypedObjects (yet TypedObjects are not "typing" as you used the term: a type system, whether optional or tool-checked), and modules. Both of those assertions are flat wrong.

Again, modules in ES6 started before Dart ("Dash") leaked.

Your original comment said "Thank you Dart for showing us the way." Happy-clappy nonsense!

Why am I on the warpath?

First, sloppy history retelling -- even if just fannish exaggeration -- is bad in itself.

Second, and I've gone on the record about this since 2011, Google chose the wrong "REPLACE JS BECAUSE IT CANNOT BE FIXED" strategy, and wasted years and megabucks. Their choice, but not something to congratulate them over. We could have had even more in ES6 if the V8 team had not been reset and JS back-benched as it was. That cost years.

Third, the meme you're spreading is that JS is incompetent or severely hobbled without being shown the way by enlightened others. This does a disservice to many people including the V8 team (the new team) members working in earnest on JS via implementations and TC39. It's a particular falsehood to which I object as a peer of those people on TC39.

Dart as an intentionally designed, full-time-job-for-60+-people, good and well-done project at Google, creating useful and coherent tools as well as the language itself? A fine thing in isolation, ignoring the actual history, global strategy, and consequent trade-offs.

Dart as the thing that showed JS the way (same for CoffeeScript, but let's defer that and focus on Dart)? A fraudulent claim that covers up real mistakes in strategy made by Google, which cost big time and money, not just for JS and the Web, but bad also (in light of this week's news) for Dart.

Why was the strategy bad for Dart? One example: only now, finally, might bignums get into ES7/2016. They could have been in ES6 and in V8 and other engines by now, since we were working on them since 2010, but without a champion who saw the priority and paid someone to spec and implement them in V8.

Do you see my point? Please do not play games about me "admitting" SIMD and maybe one other something else came from Dart. I've written that many times in multiple threads without prodding, on HN and on twitter. This is not an ego match. It's about accurate attribution of history, work, influence, and causality.

What you are letting a hacker news comment thread determine the history of JavaScript? This isn't how history is written - HN posts are emphera for the most part. Last time I checked you were not exactly powerless and reliant on others to write history for you. You have a megaphone, why not use it and write something authoritative on the history of JavaScript and Dart.

Also, you do realize that I wrote this to a Dart audience to encourage them to return to JavaScript -- and you do not convince anyone to change their minds by being an asshole towards their work.

It's HN, I'm here same as you, to opine and argue. Why are you applying a double standard? :-P

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