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All the company's github repositories have been pulled:


Ok, this is a big problem. We've started a project that uses their fdb-sql-parser, which was an Apache-licensed fork of the Derby sql parser. I did not make a clone of it before they pulled it. Does anyone have a copy?

Fortunately, they can't pull the artifacts from Maven Central.

Pulling an open-source project upon which people may depend is total jerk behavior.

According to Google's cache, the latest version on Maven Central (v1.6.1) was only four commits behind master.


Of those four commits, one was a version bump, one a README tweak, and two were merge commits.


The source code is there on Maven Central, alongside the build artifacts, but the git history is gone.


Apache calcite http://incubator.apache.org/projects/calcite.html contains a sql parser and the source is in much better shape. I made a bunch of contributions to fix things in fdb-sql-parser and discovered it's a real mess.

I've found a live fork with the latest changes.


Try https://github.com/hudak/sql-parser

It's out of date - only goes as far as 1.5, but at the very least you can import the 1.6.1 source as one big commit.

If someone has a recent clone and the licence was compatible, is there a reason a fork can't be started?

Apple has incentives for engineers to file patents.

Always something to be mindful of.

This is quite frustrating. There's a lesson here in keeping mirrors of projects in multiple places. That things can be 'disappeared' from GitHub is because not enough people do this anymore.

I have a copy of the SQL layer from March 1st, 2015. It's up on github: https://github.com/jaytaylor/sql-layer

Put it on Google Code. Oh, hang on....

Their PyPI packages also seem to be pulled out[1], but thankfully, their Twitter account is still alive![2]

Also note that there seems to be a mirror for the PyPI packages.[3]

[1] https://pypi.python.org/pypi/foundationdb

[2] https://twitter.com/FoundationDB

[3] http://download.gocept.com/pypi/foundationdb/

If someone is desperate enough, they can recreate the repositories using google cache. See http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:YiBFZmB...

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