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If I bought a Sony tv at bestbuy - I will request a refund from bestbuy not Sony.

The point is that if BestBuy refuses to make it right for you, a manufacturer who cares about customer service and their brand may step in and give you a refund/replacement even though they're not obliged to. Which is what OP is doing instead of saying "not my problem, deal with Apple" to his customers.

No. Nobody will give you a refund. A replacement maybe, never ever a refund for the price you paid on the shop.

Okay, maybe it happened because it was something cheap, a 30$ Brita Filter, I bought at Canadian Tire and ran into issues, I've contacted them and got the cheque with full refund. It really depends on Customer Service, I would buy another Brita product for sure.

I would, too :)

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