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There are a few who have been banned[1] from Apple events etc. because of a negative review of something Apple made.

[1] http://www.computerbild.de/artikel/cb-News-Handy-Apple-boyco...

I don't know if anything BILD is a valid source.

It is not that's why.

No, but they did ban Gizmodo for buying a stolen prototype.

That's a little bit different than "censorship," don't you think?

Did I say it was censorship? I think the original post is misguided, but it is true that Apple withholds press access from outlets that do things it doesn't like.

So Bild and a Gawker publication buying stolen property.

Still not impressed.

This was also a good and long article about how Apple pressures the press into being favorable to them in reviews:


Dunno if it still is, but The Register was banned from (or stopped getting invites to) Apple press events because of their irreverent reporting of Apple and their products.

Doesn't seem to have done them any harm.

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