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All the money flooding into Vancouver is the results of billions and billions of dollars flooding out the U.S trade deficit, hitting China, and boomeranging back into hard assets all over the world.

Funny how the globalization stick has two ends, isn't it? Who'd a thunk it!

Insightful comment buried again. +1

Because it doesn't add much value. Most/all western countries have a trade deficit, especially with China, these days. So what? Are we going to propose that the solution to fixing Vancouver is "achieve US trade surplus" and "stop rich Chinese people existing"

Viewing the issue from a more macro perspective is way less appreciated here. Micro and macro perspectives are both essential to have a deeper understanding before there is some kind of methodology to unify every dimension (the possibility for this happening is really low in social science, and economics is considered as social science by some). It's just my personal point of view and my own preference. Also, it's not easy to propose a nice solution without taking the systemic limit into account. People are prone to enjoy debating on symptoms instead digging deeper to find those causes. I myself find many comments in the lower half are more valuable. The byproduct of HN's comments seems a better fit for me. However, without the existence of major upvoted comments, there would be no such byproduct.

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