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Surprised there was no mention of Hong Kong as Vancouver is often dubbed Hongcouver and Hong Kong has to deal with the same kind of problems right now (that is, the younger generation can't afford to live there).

> the younger generation can't afford to live there

So live somewhere else. I don't really get the problem, seems like normal market forces to me. Canada is a huge country.

If only humans were robots without emotional attachments, family or a desire for happiness, applying market solutions to problems would be so easy! Being priced out of the city you grew up in because foreign investors are looking for a place to hide money safely is not good for a city in the long run, or its inhabitants. Perhaps more stringent foreign ownership rules could be applied and produces an effect that didn't require the next generation to pack up and leave for greener pastures.

Canada is huge but the nice livable places are few and far between.

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