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It doesn't rule it out per se, but just rendering a texture is much easier, with fewer dependencies. Android toolbar icons are PNG, not SVG. Most renderers have trouble with all but the simplest SVGs (filters, etc. can be a pain in the ass – Inkscape renders them nicely to PNG and I just don't have to worry). There's a trade-off everywhere and all my solution did was take input SVGs and render the PNGs in various sizes which we previously had to maintain by hand. If rendering vector graphics would have been a major competitive advantage to the app I'm sure it would have been considered ;-)

sure. you are right.

i do wonder how long it will take for Apple to come around to mipmapping and trilinear filtering to tackle their very normal problem of multiple resolutions.

it seems to work well enough in all their use cases for the last 20 years or so... :)

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