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I agree with you, I find this program fun and suitable for one man shops. Not practical for teams with graphic artists. Imagine if coder had to switch icon resources by hand from ASCII files?

There has to be something wrong with SVG when people even thinks drawing icons in this day and age in ASCII is a must do.

I think it's more to do with lack of knowledge than any huge problems with SVG. At least I found it very easy to draw stuff in Inkscape, at least for simple drawings like icons.

I know SVG very well, even have used it a few times for automatic generation of various graphics for bioinformatic projects. I use a lot of different graphic editors, and I am very familiar with them, e.g. Illustrator, Sketch, Acorn, Photoshop, Omnigraffle. I am also very familiar with e.g. Bezier paths manipulations, linear transforms, linear algebra, etc. I love maths.

Pixel alignment, asset management and being a one-man shop allowed more excentricities is what justifies this, for small icons with simple features (a few straight lines or rects).

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