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> Wow, monodraw is a really polished app. That's a fascinating business model, too - your own idea, or inspired by another? Are you planning on giving users notice when the beta period is about to end?

Thank you for your kind words :) I think the business model has been inspired from the indie scene over the years. Simply put, I do not want to charge customers before the product is of quality that I deem adequate. That's why the beta is freely available without any restrictions. If anyone feels generous enough to support us before v1 ships, they get 40% off in return.

Yes, I plan to provide ample warning over email, Twitter + our blog.

> I'm not 100% sure I'll really get regular use out of it, but I'm tempted to buy a copy anyway, mainly because I think you deserve reward for the effort that's obviously gone into it.

I greatly appreciate the support. Even if you don't purchase it, knowing that you like the app is enough to motivate me to further work on it. From a financial perspective, every purchase counts - as an indie, my livelihood depends on the apps I make, I don't have any other income.

> If I could wish for anything it would be this: is it even remotely possible for shapes from a plain text file to be interpreted as monodraw objects, rather than just one big text field?

That has been requested a few times and it's something that I'm considering. It's not very high on my list but if I receive enough requests for it, I'll bump up it. I don't have a roadmap that is set in stone and I'm pretty flexible when it comes to the development of Monodraw - I'm willing to listen to the users.

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