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> If I need to draw an oval 10 times, I shouldn't have to copy and paste it, forcing me to redo the entire thing if I decide to make a change

Indeed you shouldn't! That's why all serious image manipulation programs have this capability built in.

Most of them also let you write your own plugins for those cases where you need more than what the interface provides.

I think going to all-code drawing is more limiting than freeing. It seems more like a case of having a hammer and seeing that everything can be made to look like a nail.

Well, I'm not advocating all-code drawing! What I'm suggesting is a WYSIWYG editor like any other, but with a 1-to-1 script mapping for all the commands under the hood. If you want to generate an oval in code, go for it; but you can also create one using the oval tool (and edit it later in script if you change your mind).

As for plugins, that's not really integrated into the workflow in the way I'm envisioning. I shouldn't have to write heavy code just to experiment with a quick artistic idea! Think web development. It should be as simple as editing a JS file and refreshing the page.

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