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Playing House: More artists are moving their shows into living rooms (pitchfork.com)
32 points by BobbyVsTheDevil on Mar 20, 2015 | hide | past | web | favorite | 13 comments

Musicians - not denying that they're artists, but there are artists who are not musicians.

Based on the headline (didn't notice this was linked to Pitchfork) I thought this was an article about moving away from the dominant white cube-model of contemporary art galleries and a return to living rooms. Because before the modern form of art galleries existed, expositions were in fact held in living rooms quite often!

That was my inference from the headline, as well. Unless the context has already been established, my mind doesn't equate music with the term "artist."

There's a community-driven app waiting to be built here.

I've been going to house shows for most of my life and the idea of an app scares me. In a lot of places this is illegal and you can catch a ton of heat from the police regarding it. Putting the information out there where it is publicly accessible is a big no-no for a lot of DIY house/basement show promoters. If I ran a house/did shows in a semi-legal space like this I'd cancel any show that somehow got put into an app.

Yeah. Some people I know got caught up by this, and an app would make it too easy. http://gawker.com/5992924/lamestain-boston-cops-google-punk-...

ASCAP/BMI monitor shows as well.

When I visit my dad over in Maui, every Tuesday night there is a hippy jam. Have went several times over the years. It used to be this cool thing that you didn't really need an invite for, it was open to all. However unless you knew someone you'd never have known about it. The last couple times I've been over there, ever since smartphones/facebook/twitter got so popular it kind of ruined the whole vibe. Now all the sudden there are all these kids from paia showing up because someone posted online about it.

For sure.. But then again, artists like Kimya Dawson (prior to Juno fame) have organized entire cross-country tours based on word of mouth. It's hard work to be sure, but there's a huge amount of embedded bi-directional vetting that goes on, which is critical - for quality control, logistics, safety. Isn't the whole sphere-of-trust thing still a technical challenge?

The app is Facebook. A lot of shows are listed there. Obviously, the location is obscured in some way. For punk shows, it's the name of a House, to find out where that is, ask a punk. For folk, it sometimes is just a phone number listed, call for details.

The original article lists three community-driven apps which have already been built: Fanswell, Sofar, and Concerts In Your Home.

The sites were built by people with deep connections in the scene(s), and already drive a lot of this activity.

Been to 100+ shows/concerts and my favorite was the one I set up with a friend's band who played the cramped kitchen in our party house. I was only making $5/hr working part-time so I offered them gas money and beer, but they said they would do it for free it I couldn't spare it. More recently I offered a rap group to play a local park for my birthday for $150 bucks and they loved the idea.

hi guys, we are working on a global website that will allow artists to create their own shows and also connect with people that host "Home Concerts". www.chipili.com

May I suggest two small changes?

1. Make English the default language, unless you detect the visitor's IP to come from a French-speaking country. Or viceversa. Point is: if you are aiming for a global website, showing me the language I don't speak is not the best way to go.

2. Replace the flag of the UAE for either the British flag or the one from the US. I mean, the UAE's official language is Arabic, so it doesn't tell me "English version" at a glance.

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