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What do you mean by 'parking minimums'?

FWIW, the London Plan currently contains restrictions on the maximum amount of parking provided:


  table A4.2 Maximum Residential Car Parking Standards
  Predominant housing type   4+ bed units   3 bed units   1–2 bed units
  Car parking provision      2–1.5 spaces   1.5 – 1 space 1 to less than 1
                             per unit       per unit      space per unit*

  * All developments in areas of good public transport accessibility and/or
  town centres should aim for less than 1 space per unit.

Parking minimums are fairly common in the US, and cause problems especially in cities because they take up so much land. Here is one random article about them, and how inconsistent they are: http://www.citylab.com/commute/2013/08/exposed-americas-tota...

Brazil has problems too - http://cities-today.com/2014/07/finished-brazils-largest-cit...

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