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Have any of the core developers considered creating a very polished / simplified / professional supported client for business?

Stuff like "native look" on OS-X, some shiny features and ability to be easily pre-configured and shipped to people. So I could just give <person-X> a pre-configured little bundle and they just run it, it would generate the cert and do the wizard, but we would have stuff like default push-to-talk, a few default keys, etc.

I have actually though about a boiled down client with baked in default configuration before. I wasn't considering business applications though but was thinking about the use in podcasting. Never got started on it though.

We work on Mumble in our spare time and as such developer time is scarce. We try to focus on what we think most users are going to benefit from. There's a long "Would be neat to have X" list ;)

One goal for the future is to make Mumble more modular which should make creating such a specialized client feasible without much extra work.

If someone here is interested in C++ with Qt and wants to contribute to a FOSS project used by nearly 400,000 users monthly we can always use more hands.

So I hate C++ and have no spare time but if my team likes this stuff I could throw some money or hardware at it. Let me know if that might help.

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