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I think there is a problem of tooling in SQL, which means it is difficult to reuse it.

I spent the other day writing a big query, joining about 10 tables. So usually I start by joining the two main ones. Check that gives me the results I want. Add in another table or conditions, check again. Repeat until all tables are joined into the query and conditions are added.

Then I noticed the results of my GROUP_CONCAT were not as I expected. I had a couple of suspect joins that I tried removing. Same problem. In these situations, it is often easier to go through the same process from scratch of adding in one table at a time and ensure that it is working.

We need some kind of unit test equivalent for SQL.

Mature relational databases support views, pre-built queries that developers can define and other developers can then use as "tables" in higher-level queries, allowing some code reuse. This has been around a long time.

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