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This is a `negate` method in Arel (by Rails):

    class User < ActiveRecord::Base
      def self.negate(scope)
        where_values = scope.where_values

        scope.except(:where).where where_values.reduce(:and).not

      def self.suspended
        where.not(confirmed: true).where(arel_table[:created_at].lt 2.weeks.ago)

    unsuspended_users = User.negate User.suspended
Do this in SQL. Composability is the real boost, and you have composabiliy when you don't have to build a string in order to interact with the db.

unfortunately, where_values is also a private / unofficial API with no stability guarantees, so it can change at any time =/

True, but that's a problem related to Arel (which is poorly documented too... I think Rails is neglecting one of its greatest features).

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