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The composability requirement only justifies itself when... your queries need composability.

I'm absolutely in favour of using a query builder when it avoids the need to fiddle with strings, but at the same time any decent programmer can write in half a day a query builder that satisfies the vast majority of the use cases.

So the question is: once you have covered those cases, do you need to use the query builder to write static queries? No. Do you need an extremely complex query builder to build extremely complex queries? Again, no. SQL is great for writing very readable and optimized static queries, which are almost all the SQL queries you need when you're not dealing with search forms.

Bottom line: use your favourite query builder or write a tiny one, but use it only when the resulting code is simpler than the plain SQL + string joining.

We already have quite a bunch of query fragments we use to compose bigger queries, so I'd say in those cases it's more than justified.

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