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Disregarding my edit and how your query builder is irrelevant to my question anyway, if I change the requirement to allow the user to sort by multiple columns instead of one, that case statement is going to either combinatorially explode or you'll also have to add some ad-hoc SQL escaping to guard against SQL injection since you can't use bound parameters in ORDER BY clauses.

It's easy to see how libraries like Sequel get invented to help people do this, and I don't really see what the problem is when the DSL stays close to SQL semantics.

Dealing with multiple ORDER BY clauses isn't any more difficult, but you'd have to figure out how to get the user input into some kind of list. That will require validation too... Just using an ORM doesn't let you ignore input validation. You wouldn't trust a user to use their own column names in a WHERE clause anymore than you'd trust them in an ORDER BY clause.

Trying to differentiate between a DSL that interfaces with SQL and SQL is nonsensical. SQL is the original DSL.

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