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There is. MyBatis, which is a minimal ORM that aims to keep you as close to SQL as possible, has support for dynamic SQL: https://mybatis.github.io/mybatis-3/dynamic-sql.html

Edit [responding to moe, below]: that's a matter of taste. I prefer to have my SQL _outside_ my code. If I have to write a little XML to make it happen, so be it. Additionally, unlike your example, a strict separation of SQL and data ensures SQL injection is not possible. That's also a worthy goal.


Does MyBatis have an API similar to what I outlined above?

Because the page that you link to shows a horror that I can't even begin to describe:

  <select id="findActiveBlogWithTitleLike"
    WHERE state = ‘ACTIVE’
    <if test="title != null">
      AND title like #{title}
SQL mixed with proprietary XML soup? Talk about combining the worst from all worlds...

Get rid of the XML and you have a good start, I'd say.

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