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Facebook Open Switching System and Wedge in the Open (facebook.com)
38 points by Lammy on Mar 10, 2015 | hide | past | favorite | 3 comments

I think the more interesting thing here is the Broadcom OpenNSL library and documentation. That will open up a lot of options for network switch development.

God, I want to buy one of these so bad. :)

You can buy 32 port versions of these from many vendors online, such as https://bm-switch.com. Adapting FBOSS to run on one of these would take some time figuring out the hardware layout and addresses, but there are other, commercially supported, operating systems that can be run on these bare metal switches.

I'm pretty underwhelmed by the Wedge switch in this chassis though. Half of the ports (16 of them!) are left off, meaning that it's only really useful if you have fewer than 15 compute nodes and don't want to have a full-bandwidth uplink anywhere.

The only way this design makes sense is if the 16 ports out the back of the switch are connected to a larger bus. That's how it's used in the 6-pack chassis, and how the "line card" connects to the rest of the 6-pack fabric. The other place it may make sense is if there's some sort of network bus on the OCP racks, with fiber transcievers on the top of rack or something.

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