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> The mongodb syntax looks like it supports composing statements much more readily than SQL. It makes me wonder if there's been any serious work done making a query language that's fully as general as SQL, but is designed to be safely and easily composable so that you can build queries up from parts.

Haven't you noticed that it's exactly what the Sequel snippet does? It's also what SQLAlchemy's Expression Language does. It's a reification of SQL queries in the host language, so it can/should give pretty much all the tools of SQL.

In some ways it does, but also remember it's a MUCH less rich query language. It's a lot easier to make a simple api mapping when you don't have such exotic things as "joins".

The ORMs I've used have always tried to map tables to classes (or whatever similar language structure is available). That works well almost all the time, but I get tripped up when the queries get to be more complex or specialized to a particular use.

I haven't used SQLAlchemy's expression language, but glancing over it now it looks like it might be just what I was looking for (at least for python), so thanks for the pointer.

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