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Sorry, I think I'm a bit of a cynic and a bit burned out. There seems to be at least an expectation in the tech industry of having to maintain certain after hours activities to make one self marketable. Personally having a 50+ hour a week day job + side projects + studying + leveling up in order to find new employment is exhausting .... I'm just concerned adding another implied responsibility to a candidates plate seems overwhelming.

But, if someone loves to play CTFs and is seeking employment than its a great match. Me personally I'm a build things I want to see in the world and the job will come ... kind of person.

"expectation in the tech industry of having to maintain certain after hours activities to make one self marketable"

On hacker news you are getting a very small slice of the tech industry. And by reading HN you are subjected to repeated attempts to make you think there is a clear way to be marketable and to earn a living. Rest assured that there are people in tech that the HN crowd makes fun of that are earning fine livings and enjoying their jobs.

I work in a beautiful non-SV city, earn six figures, and enjoy my job. I am a Classic ASP developer.

Also, rest assured that for the overwhelming majority of competent, smart tech workers, only a tiny percentage have heard of HN, and a tiny percentage of that slice view it as something to be taken seriously. For most, there is no difference between Hacker News and https://twitter.com/ViceHN.

I think you should be talking to you current employer about setting aside some of your current work time to training. One or two days a month for you study / explore technologies that will grow your skills and therefore the skills the company can draw on.

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