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Show HN: Find tech jobs that come with a visa (jobsintech.io)
290 points by negrit on Mar 9, 2015 | hide | past | web | favorite | 97 comments

For those interested by the stack:

- RoR, twitter bootstrap and some jquery.

- The search is powered by Algolia.

- The server is on a OVH dedicated server.

- Deployment with Capistrano and Active Job is paired with sidekiq :)

Also something that is not mentioned anywhere on the website. Job posted are distributed to +- 20 US universities(USC, UCSD, Cal Tech, Standford, ...) and few French computer science schools.

And I forgot to mention, it's 100% right now.

OVH, Algolia... Is that built by French people?

Correct sir. I'm French :) However I chose Algolia because the service is spot on and I'm a long time fan of OVH. They're have a really good service and they are cheap!

OVH quality seems to be changing dramatically. I tested one of the new vps offers and it was totally laggy, with freezes and disconnects. But what really disappointed me was the fact that I got zero reaction from OVH support, even after three emails - seriously, no reaction. This is new to me, they have always played very well, but this was very bad.

+1 from me. They're hard as hell to get hold of due to businesses buying them up as soon as they become available, but if you set up a simple autorefresh extension on their product page and leave it running on a second monitor, you might get lucky.

And if you built it on Solr or Elasticsearch, you would have facets for free as well. E.g. I'd be able to see which countries have more demand for a particular skills I have.

Just a thought, not a critique as such.

Good idea and great job on the site. You've taken the good bits of Bootstrap and made it your own. If you style the pagination it'll be even better!

I really like it, it is going directly to my bookmarks, I would like to see how it grows, and also maybe one day I will find something in Houston. I'm wondering how are you getting the job posts?? Copy and paste from other websites? Sending emails to companies to let them know about your website? Maybe some API?

I'd like to see something like this for jobs that are available for Remote Workers.

It's in the pipeline sir!

I'm curious, what are you using activejob/sidekiq for?

Delayed email.

Every work in there comes with a visa, or just a part of them? Because i can't find information about that in the website

The companies posting the offers are willing to sponsor a work visa for the person(s) applying to the job ads if it's a good fit.

Awesome, this was also my doubt... Hopefully now that you're in the front page more companies will post their offers. A lot of people would love to explore new cultures! =)

Here's a script I've been using in my search for a job in the UK:


Note that this doesn't do anything to verify that the company has jobs in tech, or if they're actually in London or nearby, or if they have a position listed for which they would sponsor a visa. I just use it to eliminate an otherwise promising listing if they can't sponsor.

Cool stuff - would be nice with some filtering though, it kind of sucks that you have to go in to each individual ad to actually see if they sponsor visa's.

Yes, definitively coming in the next release!

For the time being I tweaked the search to only return jobs that sponsors for visas.

Thanks for the feedback!

There's nothing worse than being qualified and fitting in a company, but hearing "sorry, no visa sponsorship"

At least you've hopefully learned something from the programming challenges if there were any. And then you shouldn't feel bad about something that is out of your control.

I know, I've heard that sentence way to often!

This is kind of cool! At one point a while ago, I really wanted to move out of the US to Europe or anywhere for a year or two. It seemed like an exciting idea.

A bit late for me though... I have kids and a mortgage now :(

It's not easy, but still doable. And think what a great chance for your kids to learn another language and experience a different way of life!

I know people that have done it the other way: moving from EU to US with kids and mortgage... So, it is more difficult but not impossible! ;)

It is easily doable, I have many friends who did exactly that. Go for it!

Another idea to expand: find tech jobs that don't do flawed SiliValley style whiteboard algorithm coding interviews.

And also add REMOTE support to that...

Actually having done various coding tests recently, I decided that whiteboard in front of people is probably my favored method.

At least that way I can explain my thought process. Far better than "You have two hours to design, implement and test this". Sure, if the domain a clone of your everyday work its quite feasible, but any other problem, I prefer to think through properly rather than rush it. I personally see that as a sign of my maturity as a developer.

Besides the specific stressful situation (which one will never experience on the job, doing day-to-day duties), one thing that is really flawed in those kind of interviews - it is assumed that you spent several months preparing for coding interviews. Many don't have a time for this, and many don't even enjoy these kind of puzzles, competitive programming. There is nothing wrong with that.

> it is assumed that you spent several months preparing for coding interviews.

Not all companies are like that.

The point for prepping is that you're likely going to go through several coding interviews at a variety of companies, and the upfront prep time is to kick the tires on those skills.

Whiteboard coding is a skill, and like any skill can be mastered with practice.

I like the fact that you can explain the way you are thinking. You might not get things right, but people can see where you are heading. As opposed to google's test where a brilliant solution popped randomly into my head. Half an hour after the phone interview.

I see it differently. I personally don't do well when somebody told me to solve a problem (regardless of the difficulty) in an hour or so while that person is around. I want to think quietly in my head or write down stuff where I need to (on a notebook or even type up quickly in the IDE/notepad app). I also want to look up the existing tools and stuff that I could use so that I can build something the right way. Even for a small coding problem like sorting, I want to run it in my head or write it down on paper lone to test it. That's why the current way of interviewing is so much trouble for me. I could solve most of the problems that are given in the modern day tech interviews IF I am alone given an hour without having to speak it out loud.

Better option would be that they give me a small, independent project to work on for a few days and once I finish it, I talk about how I approach and solve the problem with the interviewer via phone/skype/gchat. That would have actually been the best way to test a candidate's ability.

Try 3 or 4 of those independent projects in a row, and you will soon get pissed off.

If a company is sponsoring a visa they are NOT looking for you to be remote.

Remote working and a visa are pretty much mutually exclusive.

Well, I suggested to expand on idea (of finding jobs by some interesting feature).

Also, you might want to [partially] work from home, but maybe from the same country.

> you might want to [partially] work from home, but maybe from the same country.

I work for a company that would happily sponsor visas for the right people in the UK and US.

We would 100% want you in the office if we've brought you to the country. An occasional day to fix a boiler, fine... but you'd be in the office.

If you're not happy with that, it's OK... just say and we'll know not to go through the cost and effort of sponsoring a visa.

If we wanted remote workers, there would be no point going through the cost, time and effort to get a visa. That effort would be better expended on someone who would work from the office.

Getting an H1B is is getting harder every year its expected to be less than 50/50 chance, so this website is more like; jobs that come with a chance to enter the lottery so that you can start working in 7-8 months

Pretty much.

There are a lot of people with work status though (e.g. F1 with OPT) so employers will hire them before sponsoring them for H1B.

H1B isn't the only visa available to work in the US. It doesn't take 8 months to get the visa once you applied.

IANAL but we're going through the H1B process now and I was told that we're hear about the lottery late May / early June, but the official visa issue is beginning of October. That's when the person can start working.

Well you can only apply in April.. So what happens if you get the job in August :) ?

If employer really needs it, one can work remotely for a while.

I was really looking for this specific option "visa". I have applied many companies and unfortunately the process for rejected due to the visa issue.

Nice work!

Do you know if there is such site for other departments like Biotech or Research ?

I'm not aware of such website. The visa situation is not easy. For a previous job in the US I had to explain why sponsoring for a visa was not complicated and not time consuming.

Apparently "everywhere in the world" consists entirely of San Francisco, Paris, and maybe Palo Alto ;)

Cool idea regardless; just needs a more diverse assortment of job offers.

It is good initiative. I am looking for a job in US without immigration intention. I just want to spend good time in vast land with beautiful nature before my 2 years old son goes to school. currently we stayed in city state on tropical island. it is clean and civilized and low tax. but just nowhere to go during the weekend other than air conditioned shopping mall. seriously I am open to be exploited

Does this aggregate postings from different sites or does it only show jobs posted there? A blanket search on Colorado doesn't return any. :(

No aggregation is being done. I don't have a lot of jobs yet.

Would be great if you aggregated job postings with H1Bs or similar from HNhiring. GREAT PROJECT though!

I thought about doing, definitively on one of my todolist!

Thanks for the kind words.

Great service, spotted a typo. "You've applied for the job, you should hear back form the Plume Labs soon! Good Luck!"

Keep it up dude!

Thanks! Correcting it asap!

Hello. Thank you so much for this article. This is very helpful to me because I can now learn french via skype. I have also tried some lessons by skype with a native speaker from http://preply.com/en/french-by-skype and it was also worth trying.

Unrelated, but the mission description on this one is really interesting. Delivering ads fast in a competitive environment is quite a beast. (See 'Your mission'):


As the ex-founder of an online adserving platform that did similar things, I concur; the whole reason I got into that world was because the technical challenges are so.. well, challenging.

Having said that, it was the most stressful 8 years of my life, I learned so much, but I would never want to go back fo that again.

By the way, Criteo is a fairly big name in the CPC/remnant inventory world, and they are used almost all over the world. The qualifications look brutal, too brutal in my opinion -- it seems to be only about qualifications, and none of the people I hired had qualifications like that. I suggest that if this job interests you, and you have some leverage, apply anyway.

They should add the "react" skill!

The reason why React probably has not been added is, it is a relatively new technology. And there are only few companies out there who are using it right now.

From where do you get the list of companies? Both Facebook and Google sponsor H1B visas, and neither is on this site.

I know, it's a pity they did not use my service :(

Kidding, the jobs are posted by the companies. It's not a job directory :)

Are there other job finding sites like these? Not necessarily ones that come with a visa. Thanks!

I'm not aware of competitors yet.

Yes, about 0.2% of all internet sites are actually job-searching related.

Additionally, 73.6% of all statistics are made up on the spot.

I think there is a bug. There is a window on the right side telling "French jobs aren't being displayed. You can change it:".

But at the same time, I can see : "Full Stack Developper Afrostream Paris, France Logo Mission"

Good catch, I'll look into it asap. What browser are you running?

Google Chrome (sorry if it is too late)

I moved to Beijing, and started working for a healthcare startup. I'm finally on a legitimate work visa. It was a pain, but I'm definitely glad I did it.

Found the job by writing cold emails to people in Beijing through meetup.com

How does this tie in with the H1B situation in the US?

That means these companies are willing to try, but that only gives you a 50/50 chance for the H1B, as everywhere else, right?

Yeah, if they decide to sponsor you for a H1B but this is not the only visa available for work.

> but this is not the only visa available for work

Hmm, care to elaborate?

I don't think there's any US work visa that is easier to obtain than the H-1B. As far as I know:

* The L-1 visa is only for intra-company transfers, so unsuitable in most cases.

* The O-1 visa is for proven extraordinary talent, and as such is inaccessible to 99.9% of the population.

* The EB-3 visa has a 4+ year waiting periods, so out of the question.

* The EB-2 visa, if you have a master's degree (related to the job), and were not born in India or China, can be obtained in circa ~1 year. (Labor certification alone could take nine months to a year.)

* The J-1 visa lets your work for a short amount time, but imposes a 2-year ban after the year is over. Anyone even mildly considering moving to the U.S. for longer than a year and half would not use this visa.

* International students in the U.S. can work for a short amount of time after graduation with OPT. But this requires being a international student in the US, of course.

* The EB-1 visa is primarily used by managers transitioning from L-1A visas. The "extraordinary talent" EB-1 oddly has a much higher standard than the O-1. (A good candidate would be a Nobel prize laureate.) For all practical purposes, it is inaccessible to 99.9999% of the world population.

So right now, the "best" alternative to the H-1B is the EB-2. But a company will have to wait for a whole year vs. the 6-7 months for the H-1B. In addition, labor certification is a very expensive process costing around $10k-$20k. It's not guaranteed to return a positive result either. A single minimally qualified U.S. worker could bar the entry of the potential would-be immigrant.

So in your knowledge, is there any visa that's actually easier to obtain than an H-1B and that offers the (AC21) job portability of an H-1B as well?

Nice, I didn't know about the EB-2 visa (and I do have a master's degree).

Would a prospective employer find an EB-2 sponsorship easier, harder, preferrable than an H1B visa? I understand the 1 year vs 6 months, but it's a 50% chance with those 6 months. Does it have less restrictions on job switching?

In terms of freedom, an EB-2 visa is actually a green card category. An EB-2 or EB-3 confers permanent residency status, which means you can do whatever you want. Start a new company, be unemployed, apply for citizenship, etc. You enjoy the same rights as citizens in almost every regard except voting (and running for office).

A correction though: the EB-2 (and any employment-based green card) takes about 21 months or more to process right now. So a company is looking at a circa 2+ years processing time. Because of how complex, expensive, difficult, and time-consuming the process is, I don't know if a lot of employers would use it to bring someone over to the US.

In nearly 99% cases, companies bring people over on an H-1 or L-1, and then over a period of 2-3 years (or more) help them transition to permanent residency (via EB-2 or EB-3) if they really like the person (i.e. you're performance is excellent, etc).

Unfortunately it's really really hard[1] to immigrate to the US. Most people do not realize how hard it is. The "easiest" route unfortunately, is to interview with companies that are willing to apply for an H-1B, and then take your chances at the annual lottery. You'll have to find a job with a company willing to sponsor by mid-March in order to be able to have a shot at coming to the US that year in October.

[1] Recently a bipartisan group of senator published a document that lays out a framework for immigrition reform. In it, they acknowledge: "Our failure to act is perpetuating a broken system which sadly discourages the world’s best and brightest citizens from coming to the United States and remaining in our country to contribute to our economy. This failure makes a legal path to entry in the United States insurmountably difficult for well meaning immigrants." (see: http://www.flake.senate.gov/documents/immigration_reform.pdf – page 3) The phrase "insurmountably difficult" describes very well the status quo of the U.S. immigration system.

Thank you very much for your answer.

I agree, I've certainly been discouraged of immigrating to the U.S. due to the legal system there.

I know several H1B visa holders, and while they're not doing badly (they might be shorted a little salarywise, but not too much), they're pretty much tied to their jobs (good thing they're on megacorps and can shuffle between divisions, but they're severely limited in their job choices).

You are completely wrong on H1B visa holders being tied to their jobs. H-1B holders can switch jobs quite easily. A law (commonly called "AC21") passed in 2000 enabled H1B visa holders to change jobs with ease[1].

I know plenty of H1B that have switched jobs with no problems. I don't where this ridiculous myth originated. Also: there's absolutely nothing that prevents you from getting paid well on an H-1B. If you're being underpaid, you can find a company that'll pay you as you deserve, and yes, switch jobs.

[1] In tech, it's extremely easy for H1B visa holders to change jobs. That's because, pretty much every tech company will sponsor an H1B transfer (not all companies will do an original/initial H1B petition though). Perhaps in other fields, it's a little harder to find a company that'll do a transfer.

Could you elaborate more? I recently passed on a few US opportunities due to the H1B lottery thing and took a job in Europe instead.

If the company have an office outside the US, you can work in the office for 12 months and then they can sponsor you for a L1 Visa.

Also, you're somewhat a well know developer ( or can make the USCIS you are) you're eligible for a O-1A visa.

You're wish to do an internship of miss the H1B deadline or don't get picked up for the H1B lottery you can get a J1 visa for 12-18 months and apply again nest year.

And lastly if the founder is on a E-2 visa, he can sponsor you for a E-2.

Or if you are Australian you can get sponsored on the E-3 visa

Searching for Java shouldn't return JavaScript results.

True, thanks for the feedback. I need to tweak the search.

Do you list companies that are pro-remote?

You can also check out this repo for remote friendly companies: https://github.com/lukasz-madon/awesome-remote-job/

I do have an option for the companies to tell if they accept remote work but I do not have a specific list/feature for pro-remote companies.

If you look for "C#", you don't get C# jobs. Typical keyword bug in job sites.

You're right, the search need more work. This is def something I will work on.

I don't know about you guys , but i feel that US visas and UK work permits are becoming easier to get through these days ... i remember 10 years ago switching jobs in london that would sponsor me was a pain! now it's quite easy. Do you agree?

US Work visas? No...unfortunately. There is not only a cap on it, but the demand is way much more than the cap can handle (also thanks partially to companies like Infosys which abuse the system).

well designed site!

I saw some job listings mention about 'remote' working status. How do I find out all the jobs which allow remote?

I did not yet implemented a search with faceting, this is definitively coming in the next release. I'll edit my post in few minutes to make a list for you.

EDIT: Here you go https://gist.github.com/theonegri/26737451719ab2f3267a

Everything for PHP is in France :/

This whole notion of "jobs that come with a visa" is so screwed up and wrong and totally flawed at its core.

I am sure that doesn't line up with what the vast majority of people think, especially on this site; but it's a wholly damaging and negative practice in the long term, whose positive claims only mask the exploitative reality that underlies it.

It's really nothing more than brain-drain, more like colonialism than not; the siphoning off of resources, knowledge and information resources from less advantaged places to be absorbed to compound the wealth in wealthy societies.

This is zero-sum thinking of the basest sort.

If you've got the skills to be a really good software developer, you're just never going to go anywhere if you are stuck somewhere without electricity.

Or if you're a woman in a country that doesn't let women do stuff.

Or if you want to do fashion but live in rural Nebraska.

Or if you have the talent to be a world class skier but were born in the Bahamas.

There are all kinds of reasons to let people choose where they want to go themselves without you deciding where they can and can't go.

I think you're overestimating the effect that visas have VS other factors.

Take the country's current socio-political situation as an example

Moving to another country is no small thing, and most people would avoid it if they had the chance. The fact that they don't means that the cost of changing things in their country is much higher than the cost of moving their entire families to another.

Indeed the cost of political change only continues to get higher with the brain-drain. But if were really high to begin with, the brain-drain doesn't make that much of a difference.

I'm not totally convinced by that – it's really easy to see that there could well be long-term positives. For example, what proportion of people who travel for work end up returning to their home country, bringing back skills which are beneficial domestically?

I think we'd need to see some studies on that to draw any real conclusions, but your reaction seems too negative.

There's also sort of an iron-curtain mentality emergent in telling people, "you can't come to the West to work on these tech jobs: your home country needs you to work on something you will probably find to be much less lucrative, technologically advanced, and fulfilling."

People do not exist to be slaves exploited by their homeland any more than they exist to be slaves exploited by a colonial power.

No companies in my country will offer me comparable salary to the one that companies in Bay Area bubble currently offer. Since I have no ties that prevent me from moving from here, it is in my best interest to leech the money from the bubble.

This is a common dilemma for poorer countries sharing the Western culture (e.g. the Baltic countries or central European ones) -- allow brain drain, but reduce unemployment, social unrest, and increase GDP via remittances, or fight with it, but deal with these problems locally.

"knowledge and information resources from less advantaged places to be absorbed"

And who forces "less advantaged places" to be crappy? It's not like "not sucking" has a price tag on it.

Lousy civil rights, religious zealotry, all that stuff.

- your future brain drain participant

Screwed up and flawed HOW? If it wasn't for a job that provided me a work visa to work in the US and then France, I would have never left my home country for better opportunities. Are you even an immigrant to be talking so negatively about this? Sure, I'd like a job tied to no VISA, but sadly that's not how the system is setup.

I for one look forward to the day when all interesting software jobs are to to be found in the US, I mean California, I mean the Bay Area. Not.

I'm sorry to have offended the Bay Area Software Overlords?

Registration is open for Startup School 2019. Classes start July 22nd.

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