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We thought so too. But the (nearly) resume-blind process we settled on quickly converged on a nearly all sleeper candidate pipeline; in several years, we hired I think just 2 people that had our field on their resume. We didn't just retain all those candidates: we were knocked on our asses by how well they performed.

Recruiting is two problems: outreach and qualification. We did novel things on both fronts. For this thread, I just want to be pointing out: the changes we made to qualification were critical, instrumental, fundamental to our success. Most of our best hires could not have happened had we qualified candidates the way we did in 2009, and the way most firms do today.

I have a close friend that joined matasano about 2 years ago. While a good chunk of the readership here is familiar with some of those changes, I think your knowledge is an example of where the 'lessons learned' should be shared as widely as possible. I'm no marketing expert but if someone can find a way to make some of your ideas go viral that would be great for the industry.

Can any of this be attributed to salary negotiation or "better" options being available to those already established in the field, such that a large commitment seemed unnecessary to them? For those who were established, where did they drop out of the pipeline and why?

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