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Hi HN,

This is something I've been working on since 2011. It's a hard project to sell to people. People have tended to associate it with things like coldfusion, but it's origins are more from MVC Python frameworks.

The use of XML has discouraged some developers. One commenter said it would be like 'a free colonoscopy'.

Be gentle.

I know the feeling, unfortunately there is not much open mindedness amongst developers when it comes to new ideas on building web applications :)

I built HiveMind (www.crudzilla.com), let's just say it is a different take on how to build web apps :)

I am going to be digging into your stuff! It looks very interest.

It feels a lot like web2py to me, but with less Python and more XML. I really love web2py, in particular for 'one man band' style projects. That live debugger is pretty cool. How do you think Moya compares to web2py?

I really don't get all that XML hatred! How is JSON any better?

I kinda liked XML the way it is presented on the home page. But I'm not sure about when and where would I use Moya.

I'll dig into it more later, probably.

Hopefully you would use it anywhere you needed a db driven website... Let me know if you have any questions about it.

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