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The time has come to end the era of Codehaus (codehaus.org)
46 points by anacleto on Mar 7, 2015 | hide | past | web | favorite | 3 comments

Sniff. This brings back memories of when I put to bed http://opensymphony.com and http://openqa.org. In the era of GitHub these kinds of organizations seem so odd, but at the time they were critical to some really important projects. Nothing is forever I suppose!

They should archive up all the repos/artifacts and put up some torrents. Or make a codehaus-zombie org on github and export all the SVN repos over to it.

> Will all be migrated to Github - SVN repos will be migrated to Git and transferred into the "codehaus" Github account. This is a readonly account. Inactive projects may be migrated ahead of the shutdown.

tl;dr they are.

A tip of the hat to CodeHaus for doing this transition the right way: Carefully preservation of the projects' assets and plenty of notice to the contributors.

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