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This got me thinking: I wonder if places like St. John's College[1] might eventually take up teaching directly from Turing and von Neumann. Maybe one day those sorts of great-books focused liberal arts colleges will be the only places left teaching the low-level stuff and the basic principles of computing, outside a handful of hyper-focused engineering programs designed to meet the limited need for some people in the industry who understand it well.

[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/St._John%27s_College_(Annapoli...

(I can't speak to the rigor of that program from direct experience, but look at the reading list—it's not all the fluffy philosophy and literary criticism that many imagine when they think of liberal arts programs. They cover the major Greek mathematicians in the first two years, then it's off to enlightenment-era mathematics—John von Neumann or Turing, and maybe even something like TAoCP, wouldn't be out of place)

The on St. John's grad I know well used to have a copy of a book including "On Computable Numbers" on his mantelpiece. He has worked in the tech business for many years.

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