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Hey everyone! We designed IPFS (http://ipfs.io) specifically for this kind of purpose.

archiveteam: would be great to coordinate with you and see where we can help your effort! closure/joeyh pointed me to his proposal for you-- i'll write one up as well so you can check out what is relevant for you. Also, recommend looking into proofs-of-storage/retrievability.

Also, if archivists (Archive.org team, or archiveteam (they're different)) see this:


Same note in rendered markdown, served over IPFS ;) at:



Dear Archivists, First off, thank you very much for the hard work you do. We all owe you big time.

I'm the author of IPFS -- i designed IPFS with the archive in mind.[1]

Our tech is very close to ready. you can read about the details here: http://static.benet.ai/t/ipfs.pdf, or watch the old talk here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fa4pckodM9g. (I will be doing another, updated tech dive into the protocol + details soon)

You can loosely think of ipfs as git + bittorrent + dht + web.

I've been trying to get in touch with you about this-- i've been to a friday lunch (virgil griffith brought me months ago) and recently reached out to Brewster. I think you'll find that ipfs will very neatly plug into your architecture, and does a ton of heavy lifting for versioning and replicating all the data you have. Moreover, it allows people around the world to help replicate the archive.

It's not perfect yet -- keep in mind there was no code a few months ago -- but today we're at a point of streaming video reliably and with no noticeable lag-- which is enough perf for starting to replicate the archive.

We're at a point where figuring out your exact constraints-- as they would look with ipfs-- would help us build what you need. We care deeply about this, so we want to help.



[1] see also the end of https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=skMTdSEaCtA

I tried ipfs, it's impressive. The only challenge it to re-write paths to be relative instead of absolute as ipfs has it's own "/ipfs/$hash" prefix.

This is ludicrously ambitious, love it. Keep it up!

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