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Dashlane | Paris, France | Full time

Dashlane (located in NYC and Paris) is dedicated to solving the web drudgery associate with password management, identity and online payments - aka filling those damn web forms and generating passwords more complex than "hackernews1".

Now hiring for various dev positions: #1 BACKEND DEV - Experienced with backend stuff that stays up and is, you know, webscale®. Node.js, MySQL, Mongodb, Redshift, Ansible, AWS... #2 IOS DEV - iOS engineer who wants to build innovative UX/UI features. #3 WINDOWS UI DEV - Because not everything is web, and Qt can be fun, build the UI of our windows app (C++ mainly).

More info at https://www.dashlane.com/jobs.

REM0TE from Europe for Win UI C++ dev?

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