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iOS Engineer @ MakeSpace | New York City [$100 - $150K]

To Apply: https://angel.co/makespace/jobs/46883-ios-engineer or email careers [at] makespace.com

MakeSpace is a Manhattan based tech startup that is disrupting the public storage industry. Our company has a fun and lively loft office near the Soho/Tribeca/Chinatown border. We are the future of stuff and our well-funded startup is looking to expand our engineering team and help us disrupt the $24B storage industry.

As part of our small-but-awesome Engineering and Product teams, engineers at MakeSpace enjoy a tight collaborative relationship with our world class designers.

About You:

Aspire to use technology and positively transform the physical world - not get more likes, check-ins, serve more ads or optimize transactions for a big bank. A history of shipping iOS software Ability to write idiomatic Objective-C code Deep understanding of Cocoa design patterns and API design An appreciation for pragmatism and simplicity in code Good taste and a keen eye for perfect pixel design. Knowledge of iOS performance techniques Interest in Swift, extensions, and the overall progression of the iOS SDK A strong product and design sensibility Enthusiasm for MakeSpace as a service A good sense of humor and a love of collaboration

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