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DevOps Engineer @ Northwest Evaluation Association -- Local in Portland, OR [$70k - $90k]

We're a non-profit partnering to help children become better learners. Our main platform is a stack of web applications written in a variety of languages ranging from Java, Node.js, and Clojure.

Looking for new engineers to help us bridge the gap between the development side of the house and the operation side of the house. Engineers are directly integrated into a Scrum team supporting development activities, operations, and the deployment of applications.

Experience writing automation with Puppet, Ruby, or other tools is extremely desirable.

Formal job description and application form are available here: https://nwea.hodesiq.com/jobs/default.aspx?JobID=4960435

Feel free to e-mail me directly with any questions: brandon.burnett@nwea.org

Props to you for including a salary range.

no remote?

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