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HealthExpense Inc | Sunnyvale, CA | Full Time: 9 developers

We're currently looking for 9 experienced software engineers for a full-time position in Sunnyvale, CA (Backend, Frontend, Payment Gw dev, DevOps, Data Scientist, QA).

Us: Health claim management and payment technology company. Our aim is to fully automate the patient-side of health payments. In production for 4 years, with paying customers ranging from small TPAs to the largest banks in US.

Our challenge: integrating data ingestion for 100s of sources into a single, normalized database which is correct and real-time. The core is a custom ETL engine with data cleaning and error detection customized for each pipe. Due to episodic nature of healthcare we're handling heavy loads in peak times, like creating over 10,000s of users within a few seconds.

Our stack is mainly Scala and C++14, micro services: http://stackshare.io/healthexpense/healthexpense

Positions: http://healthexpense.com/careers/

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