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Button - NYC - http://usebutton.com

Come be Engineer #6 at Button! We’re looking for full-stack generalists and iOS and Android pros.

WHAT WE DO: We’re building a platform and loyalty network that connects mobile apps together. We’ve announced partnerships with Uber, Resy, and Tablelist, and we’re just getting started. (The nature of what we do puts us in touch with a lot of growing mobile startups.)

WHO WE’RE AFTER: We’re a merry band of hackers and entrepreneurs, and we’re looking for someone similarly minded. Our backend is a mix of NodeJS and Golang, and we have a rich iOS SDK (and need help building Android).

Ideally you’ll have 5+ years of experience working on hard technical problems in a related environment. But more important is an ability to work through hard problems, a drive to innovate, and an insistence on clean and well-tested code. Our lead engineers are veterans of Google and Venmo.

WHAT YOU’LL DO: As engineer #6, you’ll either specialize in our mobile SDK or our backend. Both are being built to integrate into hundreds of top-tier apps, with millions of users per day, so performance and correctness are absolutely critical. We’ve still got a lot of work to do, so as an early engineer you’ll have a lot of influence over design decisions and directions.

CONTACT: Interested? Apply at http://www.usebutton.com/join-us or drop us a line at recruiting@usebutton.com, and Chris or Mikey will get back to you! (Please mention HN, too!)

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