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SUSE is hiring for 68 different positions. 36 in Engineering. (REMOTE OK², CAN OFFER VISA, RELOCATION SPONSORSHIP)

- Nuremberg, Germany

- Prague, Czech Republic

- Beijing, China

- any SUSE location globally or home office

We have positions open for Docker developers, Kernel engineers, Java/Linux developers, Ruby hackers, Rails developers, OpenStack engineers, and QA engineers.

SUSE is a 20+ year old company providing a rock-solid enterprise Linux distribution. You can see where we lead here: https://www.suse.com/promo/suse-leadership.html

What do we offer:

- Direct contact with representatives of free/open source software projects worldwide.

- Regular hackathons (Hack Weeks) and workshops on the company, department, and team levels.

- Five weeks vacation. (¹)

- Contributions to pension insurance or capital life insurance. (¹)

- Other common employee benefits (food coupons, health care, sports and cultural activities). (¹)

- Free beverages. (¹)

- We know how to party.

- We celebrate success.

All job postings are available here: https://attachmatehr.silkroad.com/epostings/index.cfm?fuseac...

¹ Reference for the example benefits is the office in Germany. They may vary across hiring locations.

² Please note that not all positions are available for remote workers and still relocation may be preferred.

As luck would have it, I'm living in Nuremberg and would love to work at SUSE. However, I didn't get any feedback at all of my applications. Any hints on what I could do to improve my chances?

You should get some feedback. Can you tell me for which positions you applied? I will make sure that it gets fixed for the future (dmacvicar at suse dot com).

Speaking only for the positions my team/department: Our positions include a small challenge. You need to add a small feature or improvement via a Pull Request on Github to some code and ping pong with your future team members.

The goal not only to see technical skills but also how do you work together with the current team members, how do you handle critics in your code, how do you structure your changes, etc.

The challenge is not difficult, but we value the time and courage of the people who took part in it. My team tends to focus its energy in those.

If the job description gives you a chance to highlight yourself from the rest, take it!.

Thanks for getting back to me. I've currently applied only for the OpenSUSE developer/packager position, but I'm curious about several other positions.

A general question I have is if it's a problem that I wrote my application in German. Afaik the HR team is located in Nuremberg, but I'm really not sure if English or German is expected. Personally, it's easier for me to write a formal application in German, because it's my native language.

I'll take a look at the challenges as well. The benefit is, that many of them include technologies I'm not yet familiar with, so I can at least learn something new from it.

There are no strict rules about an application...

Giving that you want to highlight yourself for an international company doing Open Source, just follow common sense and use English, write a good cover letter, link your Github projects/repos and contributions, and avoid a .doc file :-)

I have the same issue for the Beijing office.

Hi! I included my cv on your system in order to apply for 3 positions. I'm particularly interested in remote positions. Will I get some feedback from the system even if I'm not accepted for an interview or the like? The positions are: Linux Kernel Developer(2014245) Linux System Engineer(2014399) Linux Developer/Packager(2014398)


Please let me know if you accept internship positions in Prague office?

Part-time possible for remote positions? (e.g. with hourly pay)

Not that I am aware of.

Do you accept interns for your Nuremberg office?

Not that I am aware of. Sometimes you can find positions for trainees and working students in the link I mentioned above. You can ask HR at jobs@suse.com.

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