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Glowforge - Seattle, WA - Full-time

We're looking for (more) full-stack software engineers, back-end engineers, and front-end engineers. We could also use an amazing visual design and a mechanical engineer who has injection molding experience.

We're well-funded and founded by three technical founders (one YC alumnus) with 7-9-figure exits. We're building an insanely challenging hardware+software product straight from the pages of science-fiction that's aimed at makers and creatives. It's early-- our product team is just 5 folks, but we're growing.

You can read our "coming out" article in the New York Times here: http://bits.blogs.nytimes.com/2015/02/15/slice-and-carve-the...

Actual job openings here: https://jobs.lever.co/glowforge

That "nice to have" list in the software-dev position seems a little over-broad. "Genius with back-end server technologies" plus "familiar with hardware, like drivers" plus "some graphics experience" plus "Javascript, CSS, and HTML"...

It's hard to tell if it's a "whatever you have we can use" situation versus a "we want an ubermensch"-one.

Thanks for the feedback! Yeah, truth be told, there are a ridiculous number of skills/experiences that aren't required but would be really awesome. We erred on the side of having relatively few "requirements" and all of the nice-to-haves we could think of for what we're building. You could have any combination of those (or none) and still potentially be someone we'd love to hear from!

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