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I think it's a little unfair to compare the gedit UI at different sizes. I hastily mocked up how they would look at the same size: http://i.imgur.com/hb6TLEr.jpg

Personally I love the minimal and uncluttered look. I don't need big buttons for copy and paste, and even on a 30" monitor I appreciate the extra space it allows for actual content.

That unstyled grey look, plus the missing File, etc. menus under fvwm, caused me to abandon gnome apps under fvwm. I couldn't get a theme that supported gnome apps nicely. Sorry gnome, I don't want a mac-style menu bar.

Your mockup is right on target, Allan Day blogged about it at http://blogs.gnome.org/aday/2014/08/27/gnome-design-saving-y...

> I love the minimal and uncluttered look.

Uncluttered, unintuitive, unhelpful - just like a vi buffer in input mode.

> unintuitive

Unintuitive for whom? It abandons the traditional structure, which some people are accustomed to, but I suspect that it would be measurably more effective for people who haven't developed patterns of familiarity with the traditional workflow.

> just like a vi buffer in input mode

I think the key difference is discoverability. In gedit I can immediately see how do 6 common actions, and that there's another layer of less common actions in the hamburger menu. I never had to google "how to exit gedit" for example.

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